“I Don't Keep Bitcoins, But I Should Have” – Legendary Investor Druckenmiller


 "If you don't sell it first, this billionaire investor must have made a profit by now, right?"

Stanley Druckenmiller, a billionaire investor who does not hold any Bitcoin (BTC) has praised the cryptocurrency following its successful growth over the past half decade.

During an interview with hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones on October 30 yesterday, the 70-year-old Druckenmiller made a comparison between BTC and gold as a store of value.

There is no denying that Druckenmiller, who previously held BTC, sold it after discovering that the central bank wanted to tighten its monetary policy, but he now intends to buy the digital asset again.

However, the billionaire investor is of the view that the crypto market will grow if everyone loses faith in the central banking system, for example confidence in the Bank of England (BoE) will decrease when the British Pound faces a bailout in mid-2022.

Druckenmiller's investment philosophy is to hold a group of long stocks, a group of short stocks and use leverage to trade futures when the market rises or falls.

Like to be informed that he also praised blockchain technology and predicted that ledger-based systems could replace the United States (US) dollar as the world's reserve currency in the future.

Then in 2021, Druckenmiller not only said that Ethereum (ETH) is like "Myspace before Facebook" but also predicted that the price of the digital asset will surpass BTC in the future.