The Internet network is cut off in Gaza, Elon Musk's Starlink is a savior!


 "Even though everyone says Musk likes to do strange things, he still wants to help Gaza."

Billionaire Elon Musk will reportedly provide internet access through his satellite service called Starlink to Gaza, which is struggling to connect after all its communications have been cut off due to violent Israeli bombardment.

The international humanitarian organization said that the blackout that started late Friday has not only worsened the situation but also hampered life-saving operations including blocking contact with its staff on the ground.

The streak, many social media users on Friday and Saturday have called for Starlink services, where they have used the trending hashtag #starlinkforgaza in their respective posts.

This is because Musk has always said Starlink is good for humanity, therefore many say now is the time to prove how the technology can save and help thousands of innocent people.

There's no denying Musk wants to help Gaza, but SpaceX did not immediately respond to Reuters' request for comment on how it would ensure Starlink links are used by aid organizations and not the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

However, Israel's communications minister Shlomo Karhi said Israel would use various means to block Musk's efforts to help Gaza through Starlink.

The human rights group, Human Rights Watch (HRW) based in Britain described the blackout of the telecommunications network in Gaza as opening a wider space for Israel to carry out violence in the besieged territory.

Later, HRW senior researcher Deborah Brown informed that the absence of the internet has made it difficult for the public and human rights groups to post evidence of Israeli atrocities on social media platforms.