BTC Sell Miners Shock Exceeds Amount In October!


 "Will the BTC price be impressed by the actions of this Miners?"

Shortly after strengthening up to $ 35,879 last night, the price of the Bitcoin crypto (BTC) King's King's price reduced to $ 35,230 where the digital asset was now in a horizontal momentum.

It is undeniable that BTC prices have seen a 26%monthly climb, but 13 leading mining entities are reported to sell a large number of digital assets that exceed their tokens in October 2023.

According to observations, sales production ratios for players such as Marathon Digital Holdings and Core Scientific that surpassed 100% have shown that they not only sell the entire BTC revenue last month but tokens from existing reserves.

However, it should be noted that HU 8 and digital boots have sold more and more they melt more than 300% of the BTC token they produced in October.

The increase in sales production ratios of 105% is very different compared to the 64%, 77% and 77% ratios recorded in July, August and September.

It is well known that there are several reasons for the sale, including following the recovery of BTC prices followed by strategic financial planning for the BTC halving event which took place in April 2024.

The BTC halving string will reduce the reward of mining to half, Miners acting to increase its capital reserves by diluting some of their BTC holdings.

Please be informed that these strategic measures are important to maintain their operations including ensuring long -term viability in the cryptocurrency market.

Until the news was written, BTC prices jumped 1.37% at 35,410 in the last 24 hours with a market capital of $ 691 billion and posted a 2.53% increase over the last week.