Malaysia Welcomes Big Investment In Semiconductor Sector


 Deputy Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry, Liew Chin Tong announced that Malaysia has an important position in the global chip manufacturing supply chain and is targeting investment in the semiconductor value chain.

He also said that the 'backend' of semiconductor manufacturing has become increasingly complex and has an impact on Malaysia's involvement in the global supply chain.

Chin Tong also spoke about the reasons why the semiconductor and electrical and electronics (E&E) sectors became an important focus under the New Industrial Master Plan 2030 (NIP 2030) while speaking at the opening of the E&E Forum organized by the Malaysian Semiconductor Industry Association (MSIA) recently.

The importance of the Malaysian semiconductor industry includes seven percent of the global market share and accounts for 23% of the US semiconductor trade.

Meanwhile, Malaysia also accounts for 13% of global semiconductor end-stage production, excelling in chip assembly, packaging, testing and electronic manufacturing services.

He also said that this continent needs certain forms of investment and exploring more opportunities including in terms of equipment and factories.

He predicts double-digit growth in semiconductor sales within two years due to the use of AI, automotive, high-performance computers and advanced technology.