Rafizi Creates RM1 Beverage Initiative, Nationwide Vending Machine


 A subsidiary of Etika Sdn. Bhd, Atlas Vending Sdn. Bhd has just introduced drinks priced at RM1 at each vending machine provided in conjunction with the RM1 Thirst Quenching Campaign.

This initiative is the result of a collaboration between Etika and the Ministry of Economy which is one of the government facilities under the People's Income Initiative (IPR).

The Minister of Economy, Rafizi Ramli said that Etika is the first private company to respond to the government's encouragement in lowering the current product price. Among the beverage products involved are Pepsi Black, Revive Isotonic and bottled mineral water.

He explained further, although the price reduction did not have a big impact, but to encourage some private players to be more creative and innovative in developing their products to be more competitive.

He thinks that the step that Etika has taken is something that the government welcomes and that it will be welcomed not only among vending machine companies. In fact, other food and beverage companies.

His speech was delivered after launching the RM1 Thirst Refresher Campaign by Atlas Vending Sdn. Bhd. today.

According to Etika's Chief Executive Officer, Santharuban Thurai said that he believes that every small step can lead to significant change.

He explained further that Atlas Vending is proud to introduce a RM1 drink vending machine to prove their commitment to IPR. They also hope to be able to make changes for the people and the country of Malaysia.

A total of 3,210 self-service machines will be provided to support the initiative nationwide.