Thinking of Investing Money? Here are 10 Platforms You Need to Know!


 There must be many who are starting to dabble in the investment world, right? Yes, it's good if we prepare for the future.

Before investing, make sure we first learn about investment risks, expected returns and liquidity that will be faced later.

Let's look at 10 investment platforms that are relevant today:

1. Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB)

ASNB is a unit trust management unit under PNB and offers ASB Fund investment.

The fixed returns are quite inconsistent and often fluctuate from year to year. However, the returns are always positive.

In 2022, ASB's dividend will be 3.35 sen and bonus 1.25 sen, totaling 4.60 sen per unit in addition to an additional bonus of 0.50 sen for the first 30,000 units.

2. Hajj Fund Board (TH)

Previously, it was better known as the Hajj Management and Fund Board (LUTH) which was responsible for managing the journey of Hajj pilgrims from Malaysia to Makkah every year.

Although the return is relatively low compared to ASB, but it is used to pay zakat and is reserved for Muslims only.

Its dividend last year was 3.1%, the same as this year.

3. Fixed Deposit (FD)

FD is a type of short-term investment where investors deposit a sum of money and agree to refrain from withdrawing their money for a specified period of time.

If you are thinking of investing your savings in a platform that has liquid assets, gives some return and low risk, then FD is the best option.

The returns depend on the rise and fall of the OPR. You also need to be consistent in subscribing for high returns.

4. National Education Savings Scheme (SSPN)

SSPN is a savings scheme specially created by the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) for the purpose of higher education.

The dividend rate in 2022 is 3.95% and the loyalty reward rate is 1%. The rewards benefit Simpan SSPN Prime depositors who make accumulated savings during the promotional period.

What's more interesting, you will get tax relief based on the value deposited into the account.


EPF savings are savings for your retirement. These savings consist of employee and employer share contributions to be added by annual dividends each year.

This saving is consistent for users who are working because it is a government initiative to look after and ensure that our lives in old age are more secure.

However, the liquidity of these savings is quite difficult because you have to wait until the age of 50 for account 1 and age 55 for account 2.

6. Gold

Gold is a type of metal that has a shiny yellow color and has a high value in the market. However, the value of this gold is seen to be increasing due to several economic factors and its complicated manufacturing.

If you intend to save gold, make sure you prepare because this saving is a long-term method.

7. Unit Trust

Unit Trust investment is a collective investment scheme that allows investors with similar investment objectives to pool professional funds in a portfolio of securities.

This method requires you to buy units that are a part to be invested in various forms such as stocks, bond market, money market and others.


In simple language, it is called as corporate ownership partnership. A share of stock represents several fractions of a company.

To invest in stocks, you can do Intraday Trading and also Positional Trading. Both have different risks.

9. Forex (FX)

This method is the same as any other business, which is to buy a currency at a low price and sell it again after there is an increase in price to make a profit.

This form of investment requires high consistency because your profit is based on the increase in the value of the asset.

10. Crypto

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used to buy goods and services and it uses cryptography as its security feature.

Among the most famous cryptocurrencies at the moment are Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. These digital currencies have varying values and prices.

The risk of this crypto investment is that the value of the currency fluctuates and you need knowledge to anticipate the rise and fall.