BNM International Reserve Up 0.45% In December!


 Most recently, Bank Negara Malaysia's (BNM) International Reserve increased by 0.45% to $112.8 billion (RM522.49 billion) as of 15 December 2023 compared to $112.3 billion two weeks ago.

The level of savings is sufficient to finance 5.5 months of imports of goods and services, and is 1.0 times the total short-term foreign debt.​​

In a Bank Negara statement today, the main components of international reserves are foreign currency reserves ($100.7 billion), International Monetary Fund reserves ($1.3 billion), Special Drawing Rights ($2.3 billion), gold (2.3 billion) and other reserve assets ($2.8 billion)

Meanwhile, total assets are worth RM638.65 billion. It consists of gold, foreign exchange and other reserves including SDR (RM529.64 billion), Malaysian government paper (RM13 billion), loans and advances (RM24.17 billion), real estate (RM4.14 billion) and assets -other assets (RM67.69 billion).

BNM said capital and liabilities consisted of paid-up capital (RM100 million), reserves (RM185.13 billion), currency in circulation (RM160.68 billion), deposits by financial institutions (RM181 billion), federal government deposits (RM5.11 billion), other deposits (RM39.1 billion), Bank Negara paper (RM33.74 billion). SDR allocation (RM29.85 billion) and other liabilities (RM3.93 billion).