Google Ordered To Pay RM3.3 Billion To Users!


 Alphabet's Google has agreed to pay $700 million (RM3.3 billion) and also increase greater competitiveness in its app store, the Google Play Store.

This follows to comply with the antitrust settlement to its users in the US that was revealed yesterday (Monday) in the San Francisco Federal Court.

Based on Google's statement, they will pay as much as $630 million into a settlement fund for users and $70 million will be channeled into a fund benefited by the state.

Previously, Google pleaded not guilty after being accused of overcharging users for illegal applications on Android devices and adding charges in other application transactions.

Utah and several other states in the United States have brought up this issue since last September. However, the terms were kept secret before Google's experiment with Epic Games, Fortnite. Last week, a California federal judge agreed with Epic Games that some of Google's business applications were uncompetitive.

Wilson White, Google's vice president of government affairs and public policy, announced in a statement that it will build choice and flexibility in Android users. They will also maintain stronger security protection and improve competitiveness in their applications.

The company said it is expanding its capabilities in developing apps and games to provide users with options in paying through the Google Play Store billing system. They have created the initiative for more than a year in the US.

Among the solutions is that Google will facilitate the ability of users to download applications directly from developers.

Epic Games will ask the judge hearing both cases, US district judge James Donato, to issue an order that could force Google to make changes to its app store.

Google is also facing other lawsuits related to its search and digital advertising practices. However, Google denied any wrongdoing in the issue.