Worldcoin Goes Through Space, Where Is The Price Going?


 "Hmm do you think the price of WLD will fall to rise or vice versa?"

Cryptocurrency Worldcoin (WLD) which managed to see a massive surge in buying pressure on December 16, 2023 has pushed its price up 86% to reach $4.80 from $2.45 last week.

Even so, WLD may fall back to make a move in the consolidate phase before resuming new bullish momentum that could see its price reach new all-time highs.

That streak, investors can expect the price of WLD to bounce back at the level of $3.50 or $3.24 which is the 50% and 62% retracement of the December 16, 2023 range, but it should be noted that the price can also retreat back to $3.15.

A retest at that level will likely push the price of WLD to mount a quick climb back to $4.59 and then continue further up to $5.29 followed by a new high of $6.63.

There is no denying the outlook for WLD price is bullish after witnessing its recent surge, but if the digital asset breaks below the $2.41 support zone then the price could slip lower.

In such a situation, WLD price could fall further to the next support zone at $2.03 which is a 16% decline from $2.41.

As of this writing, WLD price has surged by 4.40% at $4.09 in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of $408 million then recorded a 53.98% increase over the last week.