6 Important Economic Data News Market Focus This Week (January 8-12, 2024)


 Here are some of the important economic data that will be the focus of the market throughout this week.

MONDAY (January 8, 2024):

Swiss Inflation Data (3.30 PM) – The inflation rate in Switzerland in December last year is expected to record a contraction of 0.1%. However, the forecast is slightly better than the previous month at a monthly inflation reading of -0.2%. The published data will affect the movement of the CHF currency at the beginning of this week.

WEDNESDAY (January 10, 2024):

Australian Inflation Data (8.30am) – After the reading of the consumer price index in Australia was observed to increase until October, the latest figures for December last year are expected to further decline following the decline in the November reading. This will be an important indication to the market of the Australian central bank's monetary policy setting.

THURSDAY (January 11, 2024):

US Inflation Data (9.30pm) – Set to be the main focus data this week, the latest inflation reading in America will be an early indication of where the market will move for the start of 2024 trading after the NFP employment data was scrutinized at the end of last week.

FRIDAY (January 12, 2024):

China Inflation Data (9.30am) – The consumer price index in China will also steal the spotlight at the close of trade this week as changes in the world's second largest economy could have an impact on the entire global market.

UK GDP data (3.00pm) – UK economic growth data is forecast to record a positive recovery for readings for November 2023 after disappointing figures the previous month.

US PPI data (9.30 PM) – Following the publication of US consumer inflation data, the producer inflation reading will close the trading curtain this week. Forecasts for an increased figure for December 2023 could support a recovery in the movement of the US dollar currency.