AI Agents Could Be The Most Important Crypto Buyers, What Does It Mean?


 "Wow, I mean this AI is like the backbone of crypto, right?"

Joe Lonsdale, co-founder of the data analysis firm Palantir (PLTR) recently revealed his views on artificial intelligence (AI) in the economy that can provide various benefits to cryptocurrencies.

This is because AI agents, which are entities using AI technology to perform certain tasks, may apply crypto when conducting financial transactions and Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) including Solana (SOL) will be the three best options.

AI agents are one of the most important buyers as they will do a lot in the economy, comments Lonsdale, adding that AI agents may use crypto to coordinate with the incentive system.

As mainstream AI tools like ChatGPT have seen tremendous success in the last year, there has been much talk about how AI can also join the increasingly popular world of crypto.

There is no denying that spot ETFs are finally trading in the United States (US), but Lonsdale thinks that the push for BTC prices higher largely depends on the macro backdrop.

If the country faces inflation again or a large deficit in 2025 to 2026, crypto can have a very positive impact, affirmed the co-founder of PLTR.

On the other hand, Nvidia, which is one of the leading AI chip manufacturers in the world, has signed an agreement with the National Science Foundation (NFS) to support new and growing AI research initiatives.