Attention! KuCoin Debit Card Has A Surprising New Development!


 "Wow, that's great, many firms are now interested in joining the crypto market."

A cryptocurrency debit card launched by KuCoin called KuCard will integrate Apple Pay to its users to create a more private, safe and secure payment method.

Not only that, the integration can also help users avoid sharing their credit card information with third parties, touching physical buttons or exchanging cash that can encrypt each transaction.

To make a contactless payment, customers need to hold their iPhone or Apple Watch up to the payment terminal, so here it can be seen that the user's security can be guaranteed as each Apple Pay transaction is verified by Face ID, Touch ID or device passcode.

iPhone, iPad and Mac users can also make purchases faster and easier through the app or the web in Safari by applying Apple Pay which eliminates the need to create an account or enter delivery and payment.

To use the service, debit card customers need to open the Wallet app, select Plus then follow the instructions to add KuCard to their iPhone and after attaching the card to an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch, users can use Apple Pay immediately.

KuCoin's decision to allow its users to integrate Apple Pay services with the partnership of large institutional players in the crypto market is on the rise, where Deloitte, Microsoft and Goldman Sachs have partnered with the new blockchain network.

Like to be informed that more and more businesses around the world are already using Bitcoin (BTC) including other digital assets for various operational, transactional and financial reasons.

Businesses can join hands with partners in countries with limited access to traditional banking and further penetrate new markets by implementing B2B cross-border crypto payments.*

*Transactions between two businesses where each party is in a different country