Google Makes a U-Turn! Will Crypto Advertising Be Allowed?


The latest buzz in the crypto world is that Google is expected to update its advertising policy to allow certain crypto products to be promoted on its main search engine.

The updated guidance is expected to have a major impact on Bitcoin cash-traded funds (ETFs), with the industry predicting that they may fall in line with the updated criteria.

The main goal of this policy update is to clarify the promotion of Cryptocurrency Coin Trusts. It stipulates that advisers and advertisers who focus on the United States and they have the opportunity to advertise cryptocurrency products as long as they meet the specified criteria and get confirmation from Google.

Based on Google's updated policy, financial products that allow investors to trade shares in trusts that hold large amounts of cryptocurrency will be considered eligible for advertising. Bitcoin-in-cash ETFs, which allow investors to own a portion of the cryptocurrency without direct ownership, align with this criteria.

This policy, in effect globally, also emphasizes compliance with local laws in the destination area.

This policy update follows the recent approval of 11 cash-based Bitcoin ETFs by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 10. Based on the latest data from DemandSage, Google processes 8.55 billion searches per day, demonstrating the broad reach of the platform and its potential influence in crypto.

Because of Google's strong transaction processing capabilities in search, crypto analysts are optimistic about the potential increase in activity related to Bitcoin Cash ETFs after this policy update. This update is expected to create new opportunities in the crypto industry, in line with Google's commitment to responsible advertising in the financial sector.