No kidding, BlackRock is ready to raise BTC!


 "Hmm do you think BlackRock's strategy will work or not?

Roundtable reporter Rob Nelson and The Chain's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alex Mascioli recently discussed how financial giant BlackRock is reshaping the dynamics of the cryptocurrency market.

There's no denying Nelson has been skeptical of the scale of BlackRock's investment, but he's starting to see the firm's involvement in spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs as part of a larger, long-term plan.

The streak of demand in investment increased by $3 billion, the climb has raised questions about potential capacity constraints in the BTC market that could lead to a shortage of available BTC if large-scale purchases continue.

So here it can be seen that the massive inflow of capital could have an impact on BTC following Nelson saying that an increase in investment will definitely push the price up to balance supply and demand.

That perspective is in line with the general sentiment that the involvement of BlackRock or other major financial institutions could lead to wider adoption of crypto in traditional finance.

While various issuers such as Bitwise, Hashdex and VanEck launched campaigns to attract attention, the approach of BlackRock and Fidelity Investments signaled a shift towards a more traditional investment narrative that could potentially lead to wider BTC adoption.

This is because BlackRock's marketing approach for the iShares Bitcoin Trust ETF (IBIT) is evident when its campaign targets a more mature audience than other publishers who often use imagery that references pop culture.

As of this writing, the price of BTC is still up 1.29% at $42,542 in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of $833 billion then down 8.75% over the last week.