Ready! 6 Gaming Token Airdrops Will Be Released!


 "Who here is excited about this gaming token airdrop? But you have to study it too."

Cryptocurrency airdrop season is in full swing where it's a way for projects to reward early adopters and contributors by awarding newly launched tokens while spreading them widely for decentralized governance.

Here are the blockchain tokens provided specifically for gaming that there will be some pretty interesting airdrops in the next few months.


The layer-3 gaming network is built on top of Arbitrum which is the Ethereum layer-2 scaling network.

Created with developer Arbitrum Offchain Labs, the Xai network issued its first XAI tokens to owners of certain non-fungible token (NFT) projects including Sentry node operators who purchased Sentry Keys.

About $70 million tokens were distributed in the first airdrop on January 9, 2024 and more are expected in the “Season 2” airdrop.


Gaming's hottest sidechain Ronin Axie Infinity for Ethereum has officially revealed their airdrop plans.

Its founder Luke Barwikowski uses a "play-to-airdrop" approach where the game will benefit players who complete challenging tasks or contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

The top 7,000 players on the leaderboard on January 19, 2023 will be eligible for tokens along with another 1,000 random players.


Multi-chain gaming tokens are designed to bridge the gap between Web3 games across multiple blockchains.

Incentivize crypto users to earn credits towards airdrops by creating, sharing and interacting with Twitter content they've crowdsourced.

Most of the team came from the Creepsz NFT team at SuperDuper, they recruited Rockstar Games co-founders and other advisors then lined up allies like major talent agency WME as well as NFT marketplace Magic Eden.

The airdrop will take place in January 2024 following the recent pre-sale period and the launch of the latest version of the airdrop farming experience.

Saga Protocol

The new blockchain network is designed specifically for gaming, so future airdrops may be through gaming.

Saga in December 2023 launched a "play-to-airdrop" campaign across a number of games run on tesnet.

Rebecaan Liao, Saga's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) said some players may get multiple airdrops as the game is expected to launch its own tokens and give them to early adopters.

Some users on Polygon, Avalanche, Cosmos and Celestia will also be eligible to claim tokens in the airdrop.

Mainnet Saga will go live in spring 2024 with more competitions likely to take place in the coming months.


Solana gaming platform Mixmob plans to launch an airdrop for their MXM token following the launch of Racer 1, a card-based mobile racing game on iOS and Android.

Mixmob CEO Simon Vieira will issue tokens to active community members and players who use the racing, referral or staking features.

Mismob plans to offer an exclusive airdrop for Solana Saga phone owners including exclusive tournaments and other benefits for the user.


The gaming project carried out on the Telegram messaging application has gathered more than 5 million users within a week.

The TON Foundation, which oversees the network built by Notcoin, said its team plans to launch the token.

That's a pretty good sign that some type of airdrop is in the process of being released to early adopters even though no official criteria has been set yet.