Want to Know Who 18 US Senators Support Crypto? Read Here!


"Some like it and some hate it, maybe everyone has a completely different view of crypto."

It was revealed that there are 18 senators in the United States (US) who support cryptocurrencies, where Republican senators Cynthia Lumnis and Ted Burr currently stand as the most pro-digital asset politicians in the US Senate.

This is because Lumnis has touted eight crypto bills and 184 public statements about digital assets while Burr offered eight bills and 24 statements.

In addition, fellow Republicans Ted Cruz and Bill Hagerty implemented five bills including 92 statements and it should be known that of the 18 senators who support crypto, 14 are Republicans then only four Democrats.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. also support crypto after Trump won't allow CBDC while Kennedy made BTC a theme in his election campaign.

However, President Joe Biden has been listed as an opponent of crypto on the website after making five public statements quite negative towards digital assets and not forgetting Elizabeth Warren who introduced three anti-crypto bills.

In July 2023, Warren not only reintroduced the Digital Assets Money Laundering Prevention Act to combat non-custodial digital wallets but also took other legal measures to combat the illegal use of digital money.

Although the bill is supported by many lawmakers, it has received criticism from advocacy groups who claim that its plan to deal with illegal use of assets is doomed to failure.

Previously, Warren also made several public statements accusing that crypto is used to significantly help finance terrorism in the Middle East including illegal activities despite evidence to the contrary.