Commercial Ships Attacked, World Leaders Call Against Houthis In The Red Sea!


Recently, trade associations representing sectors across the global economy have written an open letter urging more governments around the world to join maritime security efforts in the Red Sea.

The letter has been endorsed by most trade groups in the US including apparel, footwear companies and the National Retail Federation

Now, the US-led Operation Prosperity Guardian is the main defense force to protect merchant ships attacked by the Houthi group. The multinational security group has at least 23 countries involved and they are calling for more countries to join.

Although political conflicts continue, global trade flows still depend on the use of commercial ships around the world. US import and export data show that the majority of trade that uses sea routes are countries that are not involved in war and the US is only 2.6%.

The United States claims to be a champion of freedom of navigation for all nations. Under international law, all countries have the right to use freedom of navigation for the purpose of transporting raw materials, unloading merchandise and passengers.

The Chief Executive Officer of the US Apparel and Footwear Association, Steve Lamar said regarding the approval of the letter of support he received asking that governments around the world should work together to prevent attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea.

It is also supported by several countries such as Canada, Bangladesh, Brazil, Portugal, Africa, India, Taiwan and Poland.

The letter also mentions the natural disaster situation which is the drought in the Panama Canal which has affected the Asian trade route to the US East Coast.