Just Launched Yesterday, This Token's Price Hit $390 Million After Airdrop!


"Fulamak rose to $6, is there anyone who continues to take profit when the price reaches that peak?"

The Dymension (DYM) airdrop that took place last Tuesday when the mainnet went live has provided over $390 million in DYM tokens to early adopters and select communities.

The streak, the price of DYM climbed up to $6.31 immediately after its launch plus $246 million worth of trading volume is already on cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bybit and KuCoin.

DYM is a network built to allow developers to use a network of applications called RollApps and it is a layer-1 blockchain built using Cosmos technology as well as the inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC) to connect with various other chains.

While the Genesis rolldrop as called DYM has been available to over a million unique wallets across various chains and communities including users on the Solana (SOL), Celestia (TIS) and Ethereum (ETH) networks such as Arbitrum (ARB), Optimisme (OP), Base and Blast.

Please note that certain communities may also participate in the airdrop including holders of the popular non-fungible token (NFT) collection Pudgy Penguin at ETH , Mad Labs and Tensorians at SOL.

Although over a million wallets can claim a share of the 700 million DYM tokens airdropped, only 528,523 wallets have already made the claim and this means only half of eligible users have done so.

DYM which is currently the second largest token airdrop in 2024 has recorded an increase of 33.52% at $5.34 in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of over $778 million.