Not Ordinary, Andrew Tate Wants to Sell His Own Crypto!


"Is it possible to go with the plan?"

Businessman Andrew Tate revealed his idea to launch his own cryptocurrency backed by $100 million in cash, but began to delete his statement again when the reception was not so warm.

However, Tate said that he has nothing to do with any crypto and is not a fraud like other 'influencers' and will never rob his fans.

Tate is found to be very interested in digital assets especially Bitcoin (BTC) as he has invested a large amount of money in BTC and now he currently seems to be more and more eager to develop his own crypto.

In addition to backing with $100 million, Tate promised never to sell his crypto and that it would give early access including discounts to his university friends.

Tate, who is "the most famous man alive" will promote it everywhere so many people make money, he insisted, adding that he would do it if the tweet received 50,000 retweets.

Despite that, it is still unclear when Tate will carry out his plans but the announcement is already buzzing on X's social media platform even though some of his fans are not so sure about his goals.

Tate then posted a new message telling her followers to sign up for her email newsletter.