Seize Dogwifhat Ethereum Version, 'Insiders' Make Millions!


 "Fulamak buys millions of WIF, what makes them so interested?"

Unbeknownst to many cryptocurrency wallets, it managed to reach over $1.3 million last weekend shortly after taking a sufficient supply of the Ethereum (ETH) version of memecoin called Dogwifhat (WIF).

The ETH version of WIF was pumped and dumped within hours on Saturday, but blockchain data shows that several wallets took most of the supply after many rushed to sell it.

Through observation, more than 12 wallets have bought 24 million ETH WIF for $3,000 in ETH and the purchase is in the same block, where traders can know exactly when the token will be issued or traded.

Hype for WIF saw its price climb from a fraction of a cent to 30 cents before concerns about its ownership then sent the token soaring more than 80% since last Saturday.

It is widely known that WIF ETH was released by a user of social media platform X called @issa who said that he first posted about the original dog wearing a pink hat meme in 2019.

After many people contacted him and the $WIF team never acknowledged him as the original creator, @issa clarified that he had absolutely nothing to do with them and never owned or received any appropriation.

Even so, @lissa's direct involvement with the ETH WIF token has created strong demand for the memecoin as it has seen $7.7 million in trading volume in the past 24 hours from just 4,500 holders.