Solana's New 'Crypto-AR' Game Launched, Many People Are Excited!


"Wow, the Solana chain has become more popular lately."

A new game studio called that launched early access for "Solana Hunger Games" has gained 100,000 followers on the X account and their site crashed yesterday after hitting over two million page views in its first 24 hours.

Solana Hunger Games modeled on the “Hunger Games” series will reward players who hunt for treasure in mobile-based Augmented Reality where it is supported by crypto-based gaming studio VC Delphi Digital and influencers such as Gmoney and others.

Explained, the player can choose to play as a Hunter or speculate about the outcome of the game as a Host city, therefore the Hunter needs to explore the Host City then find AE GBoxes filled with G.

G is a token that can be claimed last Monday by Solana users based on how far their degen is on the chain and although it is possible to claim the token on the website, the token itself has not been published or distributed to any wallet.

So, players can earn G through a referral program where each player gets 10 invitations and then earns 20% of the G claimed by his invitees and 10% of those who claim G.

In the game, Hunters have to race to collect as many G as possible and their statistics will be tracked in the leaderboard displayed on the GG website, so here it can be seen that many players will join the game which in turn causes the trading volume to increase.

The search for information on how it works is still not found yet, but Hunters can obtain Player Cards of their favorite characters and the player's chances of winning change as they move up and down the leaderboard which changes the value of the player cards.

There is no denying that the game is invite only, however many people have already used X to share invite codes including a quick search of "ggdotzip codes" which will display several codes.