These are 7 Reasons Solana Will Be Up for grabs in 2024!


"Wow there are so many reasons that there are 7 reasons, do you agree with the list below?"

Created as a smart contract network, Solana (SOL) has established itself as one of Ethereum's (ETH) main competitors and has continued to grow over the years. Therefore, here are 7 main reasons why investors are attracted to buy SOL.

1. Cheaper Price

SOL is one of the most attractive and quality cryptos as its price is cheaper at $95.09 compared to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) which are currently trading at $42,415 including $2,279.

2. Historical Price Growth Potential

SOL has a great history of outperforming the general market following in 2023, SOL rose 700% to rank as the best performer among the top 20 and has a relatively strong recovery rate.

So here it can be seen that SOL may outperform the market this year and buyers can profit overall.

3. Smart Contract Functions

SOL has gained a high reputation due to its fast speed, low cost and ability to scale better than other competing networks.

It also introduced several new innovations such as DePIN and xNFT which helped it stay ahead then increased its appeal and positively impacted its price.

4. Solana Mobile

As the first blockchain network to launch a phone, SOL is gradually entering the world of modern technology with the goal of facilitating access on the Web3.

Together with Solana Mobile Saga and its upgraded version, the blockchain is set to attract more users and at the same time drive more utility on the SOL token.

5. Enterprise Acceptance

By opening up its ecosystem to a wide range of innovations, SOL has become an attractive option for innovators in the wider tech world to join.

Among the most ambitious projects he organized was Helium, a protocol that provides telecommunication services to the people of the United States (US), where he also introduced an affordable 5G network in the country.

6. Committed Developers And Communities

In addition to the dedication of co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko and a group of developers who contributed to the protocol, the SOL blockchain also has an invaluable community in using applications and solutions associated with the blockchain.

7. General Market Sentiment

Once BTC is in positive momentum, the altcoin market in general can also show significant upward movement.

The streak, the spot BTC ETF launch and the upcoming halving event are poised to drive BTC prices bullish and SOL is well positioned to capitalize on the rally.