5 Important Economic Data News Market Focus This Week (March 11-15, 2024)


Here are some of the important economic data that will be the focus of the market throughout this week.

TUESDAY (March 12, 2024):

UK Employment Data Report (3.00pm) – The central bank of England will examine the employment sector in a report to be published this week. Some key components will be focused on including unemployment benefit claims, the average wage index as well as the unemployment rate in the UK.

US Inflation Data (8.30pm) – After last week's jobs report is looked at, the focus will turn to the latest inflation reading for America which will be the next indication of the central bank's monetary policy.

UK GDP data (3.00pm) – In addition to UK jobs, the economic growth reading will also play a key role in influencing the central bank of England's monetary policy setting for the next policy meeting. Expected monthly growth is positive for January 2024.

THURSDAY (March 14, 2024):

US PPI data (8.30 PM) – The US producer inflation data reading is expected to show no significant change for the monthly increase. This data will be published alongside retail sales readings and both are expected to have an impact on the movement of the US dollar heading into week-end trading.

FRIDAY (March 15, 2024):

US Consumer Confidence Data (10.00 PM) – US dollar movements are expected to be turbulent until the end of the week with consumer confidence survey data to be monitored in the final session. The forecast numbers are slightly better than the previous reading which was updated downwards.