Attention! DeeStream Presale Attracts These 3 Crypto Investors!


"Fulamak is not ordinary, even these crypto investors want to buy DST. Why is that?"

As the world's first decentralized streaming platform on blockchain, DeeStream which empowers holders of the DST cryptocurrency it founded has led to its pre-sale attracting investors Chainlink (LINK), Polkadot (DOT) and Binance Coin (BNB).

Easily, streamers can join DeeStream by completing a simple form and then share their channel link while fans enjoy the opportunity to earn crypto with the reward program.

Please note that DeeStream also features a swap service that allows users to exchange different cryptocurrencies with 0% commission charges, thereby increasing accessibility and convenience.

Investors have the opportunity to participate in stage 1 of the presale at $0.04 by presenting an attractive investment proposal given the platform's potential for significant growth.

Not only that, pre-sale investors also have the opportunity to earn a share of platform fees based on their holdings while token holders actively contribute to key decision-making processes and suggest platform improvements.

Through observation, the price of LINK which rose from $17.75 to $19.73 before seeing a significant decrease of more than $46 in its trading volume has caused investors to be cautious and explore alternative investments especially DST.

Noting the bearish sentiment in the crypto market, DOT holders are also reducing risk with some considering buying large amounts of DST during its presale, where DOT is currently trading at $9.84.

Meanwhile, BNB rose from $371 to $404 but soon its trading volume decreased by almost 30% and in response, many BNB investors diversified their portfolios.