Attention! These 5 Crazy Bullish RWA Tokens!


"Has anyone bought these tokens? If there is, please raise your hand."

BlackRock launching its first token fund on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain has sent five Real-World Asset (RWA) cryptocurrencies soaring. Here is the list:

Polymesh (POLYX)

POLYX which broke through $0.44 on Thursday yesterday is a blockchain specifically designed for regulated securities and now its price trading at $0.43 has risen 6.44% in the last 24 hours and gained 59.07% over the last week.

As a platform that facilitates the trading of tokenized assets, POLYX stands at the forefront of this growing sector and has directly benefited from the growing interest in blockchain-based financial solutions.

Centrifuge (CFG)

As another participant in RWA, CFG which is now seeing a climb up to $1.07 from $0.56 last Tuesday has allowed users to fund real life assets through DeFi then expanded due to the popularity and rise of the token asset concept.

The uptrend is the crypto market's optimism about DeFi's potential impact on traditional financial sectors including lending and borrowing.

Propchain (PROPC) & Propbase (PROPS)

PROPC and PROPS have recorded extraordinary gains after rising 32.69% and 31.30% respectively over the last week, where the price of PROPC has broken $4.14 while PROPS is $0.069.

Both platforms that focus on the tokenization of real estate and other real estate assets have benefited from increased interest in RWA tokens.

Ondo Finance (ONDO)

Ondo, which successfully broke through $0.83, aims to bridge traditional finance with DeFi through tokenization of securities, where it successfully positions itself in the current environment.

So here it can be seen that the expansion of Ondo's offering and its partnerships across various blockchain platforms has fueled its growth.