Cardano & Dubai Team Up To Fight Crime!


"Wow is not normal, is the price of ADA potentially bullish due to this?"

In order to fight crime in the Middle East, the Cardano Foundation signed an agreement with the Dubai Police to provide security for the involvement of United Arab Emirates (UAE) criminal investigations through blockchain solutions.

At the recent World Police Summit held in Dubai, the police presented a pilot project based on Cardano along with data management capabilities where sensitive data from criminal investigations can be shared securely with authorities such as Interpol.

Because measures to achieve justice can be affected if the generated data is tampered with, this is where the Cardano Foundation including their startups will support the weaknesses they face.

Based on known blockchain capabilities, Cardano helps secure data so that it is not tampered with while the Cardano Foundation helps participants who share data to track details without causing changes in data integrity.

Although the adoption of tokenization in the crypto world is growing, Cardano is exploring different use cases following the Cardano Foundation over the past year making strategic moves to maintain the strength of its ecosystem by supporting several innovative projects.

With fierce competition in the Web2 ecosystem, Cardano is deepening the development of its latest innovation Midnight Protocol and other scaling tools such as Hydra Head while its founder Charles Hoskinson is looking to collaborate with the wider industry.

As of this writing, the Cardano-based ADA price which peaked at nearly $0.89 on March 4, 2024 has retreated 3.44% to $0.71 in the past 24 hours with a market cap of $25 billion.