Crypto Analyst Shares 6 Altcoins Could Go Up 6X In 2024!


"You can study first, don't play around."

Lark Davis, a well-known cryptocurrency analyst thinks that the fall of Bitcoin (BTC) could indicate the potential of a new altcoin season, so he identified six altcoins that are poised to see 6X growth in the coming months. Here is the list:

Jupiter (JUP)

Following JUP's standing as the largest exchange aggregator on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, Davis expects the digital asset to gain bullish momentum due to several upcoming features including a launchpad and continuous exchange in the DEX.

JUP also has confirmed airdrop and fee sharing plans for its holders which can drive increased interest and adoption.

Beam (BEAM)

BEAM is a gaming hub and incubation platform that successfully triggers significant price increases through strategic token burning and partnerships.

Davis saw the platform's dedication to building a strong ecosystem where he emphasized the importance of the launch of Forgotten Playland in promoting the utility of the BEAM token plus the gaming sector is growing rapidly in the crypto space.

Polkadot (DOT)

Davis, who also turned his attention to DOT, highlighted the potential for renewed interest in his project's upcoming 2.0 upgrade and possible token burning.

Not only that, he emphasized the importance of projects like Moonbeam in the DOT ecosystem that offer growth prospects with DOT, so here it can be seen that new investors and developers in the platform will increase as DOT continues to grow and improve.

Puff (PUFF)

Gamified memecoins associated with Ethereum's Mantle have caught Davis' attention following their unique airdrop mechanism and storyline.

He considers Puff as a promising investment for community-driven projects because it features a three-month roadmap and then offers ETH rewards to token holders.

Parcel (PAR)

PAR, the real estate market exchange built on top of SOL has allowed investors to engage in the global real estate market directly on the blockchain and its token release is scheduled for April 2024.

Mix Mob (MIX)

MIX is a gaming coin operating in SOL supported by experienced professionals in the industry and has collaborated with Star Wars.