Israeli dates begin to be marketed, people question the government's transparency in monitoring imported products


Dates or dates are a sunnah food that is very popular among Muslims, especially Malaysians. Various brands of date products are increasing as the month of Ramadan approaches.

However, recently it went viral on social media regarding an Israeli date food brand starting to be sold in local supermarkets. This matter invited the anger of Muslims in Malaysia for boycotting to show solidarity with the Palestinian people in Gaza.

According to the Chief Activist of PPIM, Datuk Nadzim Johan said more comprehensive monitoring and enforcement needs to be implemented in order to protect the interests of the people.

He said, leakage or poor monitoring caused the product to be in the country's market.

In addition, he said, the community also needs to be more sensitive and play the role of a wise consumer by checking the country of manufacture in addition to the content and halal certificate.

Director of KPDN Kelantan, Azman Ismail said his party will continue to monitor every day and will take action against traders who change packages to confuse consumers.

The KPDN is aware of a video that went viral on social media regarding an individual or a trader who allegedly exchanged date boxes from Israel to be sold in the domestic market.

The supermarket is now believed to be withdrawing the sale of dates allegedly imported from Israel after the sale of the product went viral.

In fact, the supermarket also withdrew the sale of all date products on their premises following the commotion that went viral on social media.