Learn 3 Sectors That Can Grow Forward During the Bull Run 2024!


"Wow, it's interesting, but don't forget to research before buying any token related to that sector."

Lucie Sasnikova, marketing expert of Shiba Ecosystem and Shibarium Tech recently revealed three sectors capable of leading the future bull run market, here is the list and further explanation.

Altcoin Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Altcoin AI displays massive volatility around Nvidia's February 2024 earnings report that beats consensus.

However, Nvidia continues to thrive which could be a good sign for AI-related cryptocurrencies following Nvidia's report strengthening its AI narrative and data coins supported by the release of an Open AI text-to-video tool called Sora which previously also triggered an increase in the price of AI tokens.

Layer-2 Tokens

With a full Bitcoin (BTC) meme pool, the layer-2 network will come in handy as the current bullish outlook led by BTC and significant capital turnover will see layer-2 altcoins see renewed interest.

The only popular layer-2 project that has a token on the BTC blockchain is Stacks Protocol (STX) because it can work well if layer-2 thrives during the crypto market's bull run later.

On the other hand, the layer-2 scaling solution on Ethereum (ETH) defined by the development technique is expected to improve transaction processing by processing transactions off-chain.

Gaming tokens

Gaming tokens have a strong utility where fans consisting of players pursue incentives through gaming income and it should be known that Gala Games (GALA), Axie Infinity (AXS) and ImmutableX (IMX) are the most popular gaming tokens.

Gaming tokens also remain highly valued following having a large number of users drawn to the ecosystem including the potential for large price increases and this happens as the crypto market continues to thrive then more people become interested in applying blockchain.