Only Needed 12 Minutes, This Trader Earned $3.02 Million In New Memecoins!


"Pergh is not ordinary, in a short time he has made millions of dollars."

Generating income without knowing who it is is trending among the cryptocurrency community when an individual managed to generate a profit of $3.02 million in just 12 minutes.

Explained, the individual bought 69.74 million SLERF tokens worth $1.98 million in exchange for 9,894 Solana (SOL) then sold 25,000 SOL making a total profit of $5 million.

SLERF is a SOL blockchain-based memecoin themed around the Sloth creature, but unlike the slow pace of the token's apparent rapidity due to the crash, its price has skyrocketed.

It should be noted that a SLERP developer mistakenly followed up by burning $10 million worth of SOL he obtained during the token presale, therefore he who apologized for the incident is now attempting to burn Liquidity Provider Tokens (LP).

At first, the developer tried to burn the LP using vercel's SOL tools but it didn't work, so he who went to SOL was cleaning shitcoins sent by people to the wallet and accidentally burned it with a pile of other coins.

The thread, the developer shared new presale information and presale participants will not receive any airdrops but the better news is that SLERP prices are climbing fast up to $2.

As of this writing, SLERF price has surged by 42.28% at $0.93 in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of over $1 billion and has recorded an increase of 52.14% in the last seven days.