Ready to Stand by! These 3 Reasons BTC Can Be a USD Substitute!


"Is everything okay if BTC beats USD? There are those who can't wait for that to happen."

Cryptocurrency king Bitcoin (BTC) breaking $69,000 is becoming the talk of the town, causing BTC ETF to overtake gold as one of the top investment options for investors, here are three reasons why BTC can replace the United States (US) dollar.

Following the volatile US dollar, many investors are now more interested in holding and holding BTC than other asset classes plus the news of BRICS working on a new currency has had a negative impact on the US dollar.

So here it can be seen that investors are currently looking for strong value currency deposits that can maximize their returns and BTC looks like a promising contender against the US dollar.

In addition, investors are also interested in exploring BTC as a hedge against inflation and economic recession due to the US dollar which is said to have lost its strength on a global scale recently.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, author of the famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad said central bank printed money like the US dollar is not backed by any reliable tangible assets but the limited supply of BTC seems to be profitable for many people.

Not only that, modern and traditional investors are also diversifying their portfolios in digital assets as they are now interested in protecting themselves from recessions and growing economic crises.

Since BTC is resistant to inflation and economic shocks, it has been actively explored as a diversification tool for investors to follow and hold until the purchasing power of the US dollar also declines.