Taking 'Drugs' Is Good For Investors - Elon Musk


In a recent interview, Elon Musk said prescription ketamine can help him treat episodes of depression and suggested that taking the drug has benefited his company.

He said again during the interview session with Don Lemon, he takes it in small quantities every week. Sometimes less often just to treat his depression while being an investor.

The Chief Executive of Tesla and SpaceX commented that ketamine helps to remove a person from the shackles of negative thoughts.

Musk was also asked about taking ketamine substances that could interfere with his contracts with the government and companies on Wall Street. He denied the allegations while explaining the use of the drug.

Musk's use of ketamine was first reported by The Wall Street Journal. In one of its articles, the newspaper reported that some Tesla and SpaceX executives were concerned about the billionaire's drug use.

In his tweet in April 2022, Musk issued a statement that the anti-depressant prescription Wellbutrin should be removed in the release of the material. Health care experts also defend the drug's effectiveness and safety.

Over the years, the anesthetic ketamine has attracted a lot of attention in the medical industry as a potential treatment for patients to alleviate depression, anxiety and other conditions.

However, the broadcast also received a variety of negative views from netizens when netizens attributed the death of actor Matthew Perry to ketamine consumption.