US 'Keeps' Veto Power, UNSC Finally Approves Ceasefire In Rafah!


Yesterday, Israel vented its anger at the first UN Security Council vote demanding an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza war after its strongest ally the United States chose to abstain from the session.

After the vote, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres led calls for Israel to implement the resolution. On X's social media page, he will not forgive if the Zionist country violates the decision.

Immediately after the resolution was passed, Israel canceled its delegation's visit to Washington that had been previously ordered by the US to discuss concerns over Israel's incursion into Rafah in southern Gaza.

According to Israel's statement, the United States is "sabotaging" their efforts to free the hostages. Netanyahu said it was a clear departure from the US's consistent position.

In the Middle East, the Gaza Strip is now under complete attack by destroying two major hospitals in the fight against Hamas.

In Rafah, foreign military aircraft from various countries once again dropped aid to the north of Gaza where the humanitarian situation was very acute and civilians fled to the south.

Washington this time insisted on their neutrality by the Security Council which had previously used many vetoes in favor of Israel.

Their decision did not signal a shift in policy and relations with Israel have been increasingly volatile in recent weeks.

The rejection continued with all 14 members of the Security Council choosing to implement a ceasefire. It is also to honor the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims in Gaza.

The resolution received thunderous applause in the normally quiet Council. They also demanded that Hamas and other fighters release the hostages in honor of the resolution.