Whales Cluster 'Dump' 23.5 Million XRP! Can XRP Chase the $1 Level?


In recent developments in the crypto market, investors have been keeping a close eye on price fluctuations, especially in relation to the movement of Bitcoin. With Bitcoin's dominance, changes in its price often have a knock-on effect on other cryptocurrencies, including XRP.

XRP, a popular cryptocurrency has experienced a significant increase in activity amid the overall market movement. What is interesting is its correlation with the price of Bitcoin, where XRP tends to follow it in uptrends and corrections.

The latest developments show that the transactions carried out by the whale group have had a significant impact recently. A group of whales, entities that hold large amounts in a crypto holding, transferred 23.5 million XRP tokens. The transaction, valued at $14.7 million, caught the attention of market watchers because of the amount involved and its implications.

After the transfer of XRP by the whale group, most market players speculated about its implications for XRP price movements. Despite the flow of supply to exchanges, XRP is showing upward momentum.

Speculative discussions centered on the possibility of XRP reaching the coveted $1 level or not. This sentiment is reinforced by optimistic forecasts from leading experts.

Market reaction to this speculation was mixed, with some investors expressing caution while others saw the potential for XRP to surge to the $1 level. Uncertainty about the direction of the XRP price after the whale transaction adds to the difference of opinion in the crypto community.

In analyzing XRP's recent performance amid Bitcoin's correction, it is important to note that XRP has shown resilience by maintaining stability above the $0.63 level.