America's Unsettled Heart Takes Over the World of AI, China Wants to Compete!


"It's different from China's spirit, but the country really doesn't like the US, right?"

Famous for its interest in artificial intelligence (AI) chips to the point of strengthening its country's relationship with NVIDIA, China is currently trying its best to catch up with the United States (US) in AI.

In addition to trying to step into the important battlefield of advanced technology, China has set its sights on closing the gap with Open AI in the US in terms of AI tool development plus the country also owns other technology firms such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and others.

After firms such as Google, Cognition and OpenAI launched multiple generative AI tools, China was found to be still far behind the US but the country still hopes that the trend can change in the future.

According to Paul Triolo, Senior Vice President of China and Technology Policy Leader of Denton Global Advisors in Washington DC said leading Chinese firms are benchmarking against ChatGPT to show how far behind they are.

While the partner of AI VC firm Leonis Capital in San Francisco Jenny Xiao stressed that only a few firms can support their own Large Language Model (LLM) since it is quite capital intensive.

Not only that, Rui Ma who is an AI investor and co-founder of TechBuzz China insists that the country is already at a major weakness in producing its basic generative AI capital.

By observation, funding made to the new generation of US-based AI in 2023 accounted for nearly half of the $42.5 billion invested globally in major AI firms per data from CB Insights.

The string, China needs to close the funding gap among many other checklists if the country wants to change their AI news landscape.