Blockchain Robot-Cafe Serving Coffee & Crypto Tips At Token2049 Dubai Event!


"Wow, the world is different now, the development is getting faster."

Peaq, the layer-1 blockchain for DePIN and Machine RWA joined XMAQUINA and ELOOP at the Token2049 event in Dubai to offer a live demonstration of a tokenizing value-generating robot serving coffee and ice cream.

The robot-café demo provides participants with coffee and soft treats while allowing them to earn crypto rewards for each cup sold through the XMAWUIA pool machine that uses Peaq ID for identity management across its network and integrates Modular DePin Functions.

According to Mauricio Zolliker, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of XMAWUINA, the reason the firm uses a DePIN-based coffee serving robot is to show how Web3 technology can help humans with automation.

A recent McKinsey analysis found that technology has the potential to eliminate 375 million jobs by 2030 and when artificial intelligence (AI) is included, an additional 12 million jobs will be lost over the same period.

However, consumers can crowdfund a project and the economy can see broader growth through incentivizing new businesses and creating new jobs.

Please note that the project is already investigating many areas for prospective use cases including robots used in logistics, distribution, agriculture, manufacturing, services, hospitality, construction and environmental monitoring.

While there is no stopping automation, the fairest way to move forward with the technology is to let everyone have a stake in it.