Damn, Why is MEMEAI Suddenly Trending Today?


"Wow, it looks like it has potential, what do you think?"

MEMEAI, the memecoin created solely based on Elon Musk's tweets is unwittingly trending again as the entire cryptocurrency market is already showing signs of recovery.

There's no denying that MEMEAI didn't attract much attention during its initial launch, but its price started to surprise significantly when it climbed to $0.0399 from $0.0007 in March 2024.

However, MEMEAI in the same month has seen a massive plunge where now the price is above $0.004 but the memecoin is already showing signs of a follow-up increase in its price reaching 16% in just one day.

It is well known that the lack of community support has been the reason why MEMEAI failed to rise despite several attempts, but the price increase may now be due to the entry of the crypto market into the greed zone, the listing on the digital asset exchange and the increased demand for memecoin.

Revealed, MEMEAI listed on three crypto exchanges namely Mitmart, MEXC Global and Uniswap v3 successfully proved that the increased demand for the memecoin in the crypto market has occurred.

According to crypto analysts, memecoin and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will rise to unprecedented levels during the upcoming bull run, so here it can be seen that MEMEAI is the most profitable digital asset category in the future following the combination of both.

While it is still uncertain how the bull run could change MEMEAI's dynamics, its recent rally has investors hoping to see its price climb to $0.001 before the end of the month.

As of this writing, the price plunged a little 10.15% to $0.005 in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of over $3 million but still recorded an increase of 11.59% in the last seven days.