Latest DOT Upgrade Launched, Unexpected Things Happen!


"Be patient DOT, these are all temporary guesses."

Cryptocurrency Polkadot (DOT) is currently seeing a rapid ascent as the much-anticipated runtime upgrade goes live on the mainnet, but unfortunately block production halts on other competing parachains have come out of nowhere.

The upgrade aims to change the logic of the chain without using a hard fork following the slow hard forking that has created inefficiency and is prone to errors, therefore this positive development can contribute to the level of offline coordination required.

Explained further, parachains get the ability to upgrade the runtime without hard forking through the use of Wasm in Substart which is a framework that can strengthen DOT, Kusama and many other chains.

DOT can upgrade runtime through logical upgrades stored on-chain then remove the coordination challenge that requires thousands of node operators to upgrade ahead of a given block number.

It's true that the shutdown surprised many, but it returned to active block production about an hour later and it's worth noting that it's not an unusual disruptive trend in the crypto industry.

The DOT runtime upgrade is a follow-up to the initial announcement to release the JAM upgrade which is a protocol that aims to replace the Relay Chain interoperability protocol that can bring a more modular and minimalist design.

As of this writing, DOT price has surged by 3.59% to $7.45 in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of over $10 billion then recorded a gain of 8.17% over the last week.