More Aggressive, Worldcoin Will Launch Its Own Blockchain!


"WLD is the best, still moving forward despite being hit by many problems."

Worldcoin (WLD) is about to launch a Layer 2 network known as World Chain in the summer which is a new blockchain aimed at leveraging World ID to prioritize human transactions over bots.

The positive plan has arisen after WLD has dominated most of the network activity on OP Mainnet Optimism and more usage at this rate can affect efficiency and user experience.

Please note that World Chain is designed to significantly increase capacity, where new people can continue to join and existing users can enjoy faster, easier and more reliable transactions.

According to Tiago Sada, WLD's Head of Product Engineering and Design said the project that incentivized address verification prioritized transactions over verified addresses and gave free gas for casual transactions.

In addition to focusing on decentralized financial and identity applications, Optimism also confirmed that World Chain will be built using the OP stack and then connected to the OP Superchain which is several blockchains based on Optimism.

The announcement comes amid WLD regulatory battles over biometric data privacy in Kenya, Spain and Portugal.

As of this writing, WLD price plunged by 3.77% to $4.75 in the last 24 hours with a market capitalization of $901 million then recorded a 29.80% decline over the last week.