Related Crypto, Elon Musk Will Launch TV X Application!


"It's good if crypto gets a positive impact, but what if there isn't?"

Social media platform X acquired by Elon Musk is in the process of launching a TV app as part of its move to delve deeper into the video and entertainment space.

In preparation for the new development that wants to allow users to send videos from their smartphones to larger TV screens, X has signed strategic partnerships with several high-profile firms.

Not only that, X also intends to include ads where ad placement will benefit sectors like crypto that want to promote products and services not friendly to the mainstream media.

In addition to the need to create another revenue stream for the social media platform, the launch of X TV could push Musk's efforts toward moving the app beyond text- and image-based social platforms.

After discovering that users had watched 23 billion minutes worth of video on X in just the past 31 days, X insisted the move was part of its plan to monetize the TV app.

Some of the other forms of expansion that X has looked at is XMail which is an email service, so here it can be seen that the launch could see speculation rise about the potential competition it could pose to Google's email service known as Gmail.

On the opposite side, Tesla's (TSLA) stock returns were unfortunately beaten by Bitcoin (BTC) as its gains only jumped 806% over the past five years compared to BTC's rise of over 1,180%.