The words "Buy Bitcoin" Behind Janet Yellen Sold for $1 Million!


"It's different, eh, it's really a lot of money, eh, so much so that I'm willing to buy strange things."

It was recently reported that the words "Buy Bitcoin" were displayed on the back of Janet Yellen during her congressional testimony in 2017, who unknowingly managed to sell 16 Bitcoins (BTC) worth more than $1 million.

Explained further, the Scarce.City auction house said they are responsible for a record amount for the auction platform and it should be noted that the auction was held at Pubkey which is a BTC themed bar in New York City.

According to Pubkey, a man named Justin who uses the handle Squirrekkywrat online is the owner of the word "Buy Bitcoin" at the moment and the amount paid is truly ridiculous.

Please be informed that the proceeds from the auction will be used to fund a BTC layer-2 startup called Tirrel Corp, so here it can be seen that the attraction to digital assets is increasing.

It is well known that the original holder of the mark in the famous photograph was originally owned by Christian Langalis.

But immediately after the sign during the House Financial Services hearing drew a lot of attention, Langalis was escorted out of the building for violating committee rules.

Even so, he who did the act has caused the image to go viral on the web and the hype about BTC increasing.