US Economy Will Crash In 2024, BTC Expected To Drop To $200?


“Everything is okay if it crashes? Is there anyone who wants to rebel?"

Recently, news was shocked that Financial Editor Harry Dent predicted that the biggest crash in the United States (US) economy would occur this year, which would send the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) and stocks falling even lower than the 2008 financial crisis.

The bold prediction comes as the US economy and BTC aim to reach new all-time highs, so Dent warns that Millennials and Gen Z will experience the biggest losses of their lives this year.

In his interview with Fox News, Dent said the housing bubble could be the first crash in 2024 which he could pin down on the S&P, US economy including BTC following it being the biggest disaster probably ever seen in life.

The misfortune will not be a correction, Dent said, adding that BTC is now trading above $67,000 as the US economy recovers from the COVID-19 era but unexpected events may occur.

In addition, Dent also revealed that the 'Baby Boom Generation' would be the biggest losers as their homes would experience a collapse in value and the S&P would fall by around 80% in the US economy when BTC hit $200.

In that series, the famous book author Robert Kiyosaki emphasized that if the prediction comes true, he will start accumulating a lot of BTC at a cheaper price.