US Presidential Candidate Vows To Put Budget On Blockchain!


"Fuh is not ordinary, everyone must like it if all the candidates think positively about crypto."

While calling for Web3 modifications to the federal budget, independent candidate for President of the United States (US) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. insisted that blockchain technology could play an important role in making government more transparent.

He added that he will put the entire US budget on the blockchain so that all of his citizens can see every budget item in the entire budget whenever they want.

In addition to the convenience of daily payments on a publicly distributed distributed ledger that can make powerful people more accountable, Kennedy also said that anyone will see how spending occurs across the thousands of transactions recorded every day.

Kennedy's latest comments are part of his ongoing campaign to promote crypto technology as a way to boost the nation's economy, for example the White House proposed backing the US dollar with BTC reserves last July.

Please note that Kennedy who is very impressed with BTC was the keynote speaker at Bitcoin 2023 in Miami then also appeared at ETHDenver which is the annual Ethereum (ETH) conference.

There is no denying that blockchain can lead to government surveillance of citizens, but that same transparency can also be used against them, Kennedy commented.

The independent US Presidential candidate recently warned many people to be wary of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) after he described the technology as a trap towards financial surveillance in the US.