Watch Out, These 6 Cryptos Are Expected To Decline Severely!


"Do you like the price to fall or rise? But if it sinks, you can save a lot more, right?"

Thor Hartvigsen, an investor at Heartcore Capital and cryptocurrency analyst identified a list of digital assets expected to see a large increase in its supply which could then trigger selling pressure.

Immediately after evaluating the market capitalization and Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV)*, Hartvigsen thinks Athena (ENA), Ondo (ONDO), Wormhole (W), Starknet (STRK) and Dymension (DYM) are among the cryptos that will be affected.

*The project's market capitalization when all of its token supply has been released into circulation

Through observation, $8.6 billion in additional liquid supply has been injected into the crypto market in the past four months while a total of $70.5 billion in unlocks is available in the coming years.

Be aware that some categories such as modular infrastructure, bridges or cross-chain messaging, liquid re-staking tokens, Eigenlayer, Ethereum (ETH) layer 1,2 and 3 scales including Perp DEX have been set to see some new tokens.

Unlock Cliff refers to the release of tokens that are kept locked on a certain date, so here it can be seen that some altcoins will see significant selling pressure due to the large supply of the aforementioned tokens entering circulation in the crypto market.

In addition to JUP, ENA, ONDO and W having a market capitalization of over $1 billion, several other digital assets on the Binance Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) list are also likely to see significant price drops.

It is well known that crypto market participants should not only take note of all these altcoins but also watch for an increase in circulating supply that could drive increased selling pressure and drive prices lower.