XRP CEO Accuses the Biden Government of Being the Cause of the Crypto Market Suffering!


"How dare Brad Garlinghouse blame Biden, then who do you want to point the finger at?"

In the middle of the voters of the United States (US) preparing themselves for the approaching election, Ripple (XRP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Brad Garlinghouse satirized Joe Biden's government as the reason the cryptocurrency market is in trouble.

Following that, Deaton's political campaigning has attracted a lot of interest especially from the XRP and Web3 communities, so his candidacy may make it easier for the Senate to pass crypto-related legislation.

Crypto voters will be crucial in the 2024 US election following the US Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) previously ordered to stop collecting data on energy users linked to Bitcoin (BTC) mining activities by the Biden administration.

The decision resulted from a lawsuit filed by the Texas Blockchain Council and Riot Platforms which are among other industry players to stop data collection.

It is well known that the EIA was tasked with collecting data by the Biden administration and the amount of power used for crypto mining is among the disputed topics, but it should be noted that the collection is required before the election.

The streak, concerns about a government under Biden 2.0 that does not support the BTC industry may have sparked.

Please note that 52 million US people who own digital assets is a large enough number to have an impact on the outcome of the US presidential election, so any government hoping to win the election may need to win the hearts of BTC fans.