Beware, The US Dollar May Fall If BRICS Crypto Is Created! – Robert Kiyosaki


"Hmm do you prefer BRICS crypto or the US dollar? Try to answer a little."

Concerned about the BRICS economic bloc being able to develop a gold-backed cryptocurrency, the leading author of 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' Robert Kiyosaki has warned that the fall of the United States (US) dollar could actually be triggered.

If the BRICS gold crypto is developed, trillions of United States (US) fiat currency will rush back to the country then cause hyperinflation that will eventually destroy the US dollar.

The streak, Kiyosaki advises investors to buy BTC, gold and silver if they want to protect themselves from the fall of the US dollar.

It is true that the topic of discussion on gold-backed cryptos was sparked during the BRICS leaders' summit in August 2023, but the focus began to shift towards promoting the use of local currencies in trade settlements to reduce dependence on the US dollar.

It is common knowledge that discussions on the BRICS currency have currently subsided following projections that indicate a relatively long timeline for its realization.

While the economic alliance has invited five new countries at the summit of its leaders where BRICS members are Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Arabian Emirates (UAE), Iran, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Kiyosaki has consistently warned of the fall of the US dollar following his view of BTC as the perfect future asset has urged investors to dump the US dollar to buy BTC, gold and silver.