Bitcoin Captures Mount Everest!


"The best thing is, not everyone can reach the top of Mount Everest. Some are only halfway there"

Dadvan Yousuf, a cryptocurrency user surprised many when he acted to display an orange flag with the Bitcoin (BTC) logo on the summit of Mount Everest at a height of 8,849 meters.

Reaching the top of the world's highest mountain on May 20, 2024, 23-year-old Yousuf, surrounded by sherpas and fellow climbers, used his time at the top to display two flags, Kurdistan and the BTC logo.

After being asked about Pepe Coin (PEPE) and some other questions by some climbers, Yousuf said that the best place to buy it is at the top so that many people seem happy and enthusiastic about the principle of BTC.

In addition to having more than $300 million in January 2022, Yousuf who was born in Iraq and has a business based in Dubai also revealed that the expedition aims to highlight the global disparity in access to financial education.

But when the summit was shown on social media for the first time, many first-time or inexperienced climbers who came unprepared faced quite dire conditions.

Reportedly, Yousuf who took about 50 days to reach the summit has adapted to the thinner air and although more than 7,000 climbers have successfully climbed the summit since Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953, more than 300 have died in the attempt.

According to Yousuf, he not only fell under the Hillary step twice but almost died several times and almost broke his finger due to frostbite but he owes a lot to the sherpas who helped him a lot.