BTC Developer Reveals One Major Trigger of the Next Bull Run!


"Wow does that mean the price of BTC can go higher than ATH lately?"

The approval of the spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF and the halving event that already took place last month has many cryptocurrency investors worried about what could trigger further significant gains.

Along those lines, some developers think adding programmability to the BTC blockchain could be the next big catalyst, where that functionality would allow features like self-executing agreements stored on the blockchain.

It should be noted that developers in recent years have tried their best to correct BTC's design flaws, for example the BTC Layer-2 Lightning Network which aims to improve BTC for applications such as payments.

Not only that, there are also BTC Ordinals who made changes for a while and then an anonymous developer called Domo proposed the implementation of BRC-20 which uses the inscription mechanism to issue tokens on the BTC blockchain.

Following the Runes protocol also included in the innovative effort, BTC's staunch supporters truly believe that more developments can be achieved even though the software infrastructure built to transfer tokens between networks has been vulnerable to hacking.

The community is currently considering proposals such as OP_CAT, which is a software upgrade to the BTC network where the integration of the solution is believed to make programmability easier to implement.

So here it can be seen that several protocols are currently in the process of developing solutions that will facilitate the programmability of BTC including Layer-1 Foundation including Arch.