BTC Price Suddenly Starts Gaining Momentum! Is This A 'Good News'?


The price of Bitcoin has risen more than 3% today, surging to $63,000, after recent choppy trading. In particular, the recent surge in BTC, after the turbulent trading of the last few days, has sparked discussions in the crypto market about the potential behind the price increase.

The crypto market has seen increased volatility in the last few days. However, the price of BTC has surged today, indicating increased confidence among investors in the crypto. Therefore, it is not surprising that most market players come forward to give this view as the reason behind the price surge.

A recent post by IntoTheBlock on the X platform has sparked optimism in the investor community, which may reinforce the recent surge in Bitcoin prices. According to the analytics firm, about 5.1 million Bitcoin addresses, equivalent to about 10% of the total number of BTC holder addresses, have accumulated BTC between the current price and the all-time high (ATH) price of $72,500.

Meanwhile, these findings indicate a significant influx of new investors into the market, indicating growing confidence and bullish sentiment towards Bitcoin. In particular, the significant increase in Bitcoin accumulation shows investor confidence in the long-term potential and value proposition of the cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, a number of analysts have shared important insights on the current BTC price movement. Additionally, some have also shed light on key levels to watch for this major crypto price.

As context, renowned crypto market analyst Rekt Capital provided insight into the recent surge in Bitcoin prices. Rekt Capital declared that the “Bitcoin Post-Halving Danger Zone,” has been successfully crossed marking a positive turn for the cryptocurrency.

Additionally, Rekt Capital's assessment indicates that the uncertainty caused by the Halving regarding Bitcoin's price trajectory has diminished, paving the way for more bullish sentiment.

On the other hand, Mags, another popular analyst, has offered a view that focuses on the other side. According to Mags, Bitcoin's current surge can probably be attributed to technical analysis indicators, especially the 100-day moving average (MA) on the daily chart. Specifically, Mags is based on historical data where Bitcoin tends to reach new highs when it reaches or slightly exceeds the 100-day MA. The analyst noted that in January, the last time Bitcoin tested this MA, it marked an important turning point, leading to a higher price spike.

Finally, leading crypto analysts, including Ali Martinez and Michael van de Poppe, have highlighted important BTC price levels amid market volatility. Ali Martinez in particular highlighted the importance of Bitcoin regaining $64,290 for a surge towards $76,610. However, he also warned of a retest of BTC towards $51,970 if this level cannot be overcome. On the other hand, Michael van de Poppe advocated for maintaining the current support level, suggesting that a break below the $60,000 level could lead to an extended decline towards $52,000-$55,000. Moreover, he urged market participants to be patient and collect as the crypto market goes through various fluctuations.