German Tesla Factory Forced to 'Shut Down', Public Protest Protests for Employee Safety


Electric Vehicle Giant Company, Tesla has confirmed that its production plant in Berlin will be closed for four days and one day (May 10, 2024) will stop production.

The statement was made by the factory manager, Andre Thierig on X's social media site.

Earlier, Handelsblatt newspaper reported that the electric car maker will shut down production at its German plant for four days in protest at its expansion plans.

Last Friday, Tesla allowed all workers at the factory to work from home. Its production will be rested from late Wednesday and will resume operations on Sunday night shift. Any factory usage access is only through manager approval.

The Tesla factory in Germany is now on a mission to expand its operational area encountered its biggest obstacle by the public in February with a large number of people voting against the proposal.

The operation will destroy the trees and provide a larger area of the site. The activist has announced several protests against Tesla's factory expansion, including a rally in front of the factory gates last weekend.

According to the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers, Tesla's sales in Europe have fallen 5% in the first quarter of this year compared to the previous year and are lagging 4% in EV battery production.